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Soul Healing with Corinthia Gabrielle

As we are filled from inside, we shed the need for love, for attention and acknowledgment from outside and therefore we are able to share ourselves with great abundance. We have become infinitely rich. Happiness is not something we seek. It is what we are. It is our timeless and indestructible essence.

~Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D

What I Specialize In

Spiritual Gifts and Psychic Development - Ascension Healing – Reiki Healing – Reiki Attunement All Levels – Herbal Remedies

Dismantling/rewiring beliefs – Chakra Balancing & Clearing – Shadow Work – Akashic Records – Distance Reiki

Spiritual Awakening Guidance - Spirituality Guidance – Sound Therapy– Space Clearing 

Set Health Goals-Forgiveness Healing – DNA Activation– House Blessing

– Ancestral Healing