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Soul Healing with Corinthia Gabrielle

As we are filled from inside, we shed the need for love, for attention and acknowledgment from outside and therefore we are able to share ourselves with great abundance. We have become infinitely rich. Happiness is not something we seek. It is what we are. It is our timeless and indestructible essence.

~Ramgiri Braun, Ph.D

What I Specialize In

Spiritual Gifts and Psychic Development - Ascension Healing – Reiki Healing – Reiki Attunement All Levels – Herbal Remedies

Dismantling/rewiring beliefs – Chakra Balancing & Clearing – Shadow Work – Akashic Records – Distance Reiki

Spiritual Awakening Guidance - Spirituality Guidance – Sound Therapy– Space Clearing 

Set Health Goals-Forgiveness Healing – DNA Activation– House Blessing

– Ancestral Healing

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Auset is beautiful and amazing!!! She was kind and honest. No fluff. She gave me insight on my path and gave me credit for my hard work and acknowledge my gifts. I've come across a lot of readers who are intimidated by your gifts. Even if you

don't know you are that powerful. She was honest and everything she said confirmed a lot. I will be returning."

- Cara J. 

United States of America
Online Psychic Website

"Really like this reader! Very kind and quick to make connection and give responses. Interpretation feels accurate. Thank


- Molly P
United States of America 
Online Psychic Website

I gave Auset no information. She immediately picked up on 2 things with my husband that at the time I wasn't sure was

true because these things haven't presented themselves yet. But a week after I spoke with her, both the things happened. What she told me wasn't generic. It was somewhat detailed information. I would love to speak with her again, as I only had 10 minutes with her. Thanks for your time and gift!

- Cynthia C.
United States of America Online Psychic Website

"Auset is warm, kind, fast and direct. All was clear, and her predictions came true within the timeframe that she specified. I will definitely be back."

- Jahanara U.
United States of America Online Psychic Website

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