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Meet Corinthia Gabrielle

Certified Reiki Master Healer 

Transformational Spiritual Life Coach~Sound Therapist~Ascension Soul Guide~ Psychic Medium

    Corinthia Gabrielle, certified Reiki Master Teacher, owner of Sacred Chimes LLC and Intuitive Spiritual Advisor has been practicing Reiki since 2014. Corinthia has known all her life that she was healer and set out on her journey to learn more about this ability she’d been gifted. Corinthia was introduced to Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese art of healing using the energies of your own body to promote healing in one’s self. This technique was created by Master Mikao Usui.


    Along your healing journey, Corinthia works with you by introducing healthier lifestyle options into your life based on your Spiritual Life Path. She will discuss the importance of yoga, meditation, energy healing while emotionally letting go and the effects this lifestyle change has on the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. As a spiritual healer and teacher she has the understanding that most of the setbacks we experience within our physical body is because of emotional issues and stress we are holding within ourselves. 

  Corinthia transitioned into using Sound Therapy and Crystals within her healing practices shortly thereafter as it all works hand in hand. Throughout her youth and adulthood her spiritual gifts began to multiply into divine sacred gifts of the spirit. Corinthia assists her clients by offering practical life coaching techniques for their spiritual and physical journey of growth into the light. Her passion is working with women as they are the source and the creators of life. Once women are back in balance the world will soon follow.


   As a Psychic Medium and Life Coach Corinthia's specialty is in the area of love and relationships, Spiritual Awakenings and development of Psychic Gifts. She is really quick and straight to the point. After a reading with her you will feel healed and focused. Being that she has been reading a great deal of her life and have had thousands of clients, she is now able to pick up on your situation extremely quickly. When you give her your name and birthday it allows her to pick up on your energy in complete accuracy. Another really powerful thing she is able to do as a Reiki healer is send positive energy to you while on the call. This allows for soothing and calming your energy while you are speaking with her.

We are so excited that you are taking a step towards greater spiritual and physical health!



A black woman psychic medium with long braides and african clothing
Indigenous art

Spiritual Healing Consultation 

Ascension is an evolutionary process of consciousness where one transforms into a higher state of awareness and being. It is a spiritual journey of death and rebirthing. A path towards self realization, remembering and relearning.

We offer in person and distance healing sessions, spiritual readings, spiritual counseling and psychic gift and energy healing training. 

We not only utilize energy healing modalities, we are a strong advocate of Crystal Energy for healing and protection and Sound Therapy for overall balance. 


Schedule your Consultation today to determine your overall needs and direction. 



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