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Super Charged Giant Magical Selenite Crystal Tower!




Listing for 1 Selenite Crystal Tower 

10 pounds 12.7  ounces

14 Inches Tall



Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Cancer, & Association to the Moon

Chakras: Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown



~ Cleanses the aura of negative energy build-up, both within the physical and the etheric body

~ Believed to be the ultimate Cleanser as it does not require cleansing like most gemstones

~ Helps you clear your auric energy fields as well as gemstones energy, it balances and restores

~ Assists in communication to the Divine Mind and Angelic realm

~ Selenite is associated with the Moon


💙Selenite is used in many spiritual and Reiki practices most notably used for Mediation, Protection, Charging and Clearing Stones and Crystals, Crystal Grids, Channeling Spirit Guides, Angelic Communications , Astral Projection, Amplifying Metaphysical Crystals, Dream and Past Life Recall, Habit Breaking Rituals, Psychic Practices, Prana Healing, Chakra Balancing, Moving Energy, Dispelling Negative Energy, and Connecting to Higher Self.


Selenite also is great for cleansing the aura and balancing the chakras!

14 Inch Charged Aura and Room Cleansing Giant Selenite Crystal Tower

$128.28 Regular Price
$102.62Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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