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Energy Report 11/26

Todays Vibe is high and we're definitely in heavy Crown and 3rd Eye Chakra Energy!

Butterflies🦋, Dragonflies🐝, Birds🦜 and a baby Reptile 🦎on our walk.

Yesterday at the beach the clouds and the sky over the ocean was Purple and Pink. I could barely focus my eyes. Kept wanting to take off my shades but they weren't on my eyes. 🙈

MESSAGE: Remove whatever is blocking you from seeing the truth of the matter. Even if it's the way you think. See it for what it is and trust what you see is TRUTH. Open your 👁

What should you expect? DOWNLOADS and a lot of them. Twirling on your Crown and throb like pulsation on your forehead. Just vibe and enjoy the expansion 🕊🪶💜🩷

Corinthia Gabrielle

Stories of a Dragon Light Worker StarSeed Truth Teller


Dope art on my walk. Artist unknown but if you can read the wall you can find them!

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