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Energy Report 11/27

We are In high Solar Plexus Energy 🔥🔥🔥

1st thing 1st BALANCE IT!

Feels a bit chaotic or misdirected honestly. Balance through breath work, meditation and chanelling, color therapy and focus.

Focusing this energy can reap beautiful outcomes and rewards.

How to focus the energy?

*By directing where you'd like to use it.

*Go after your goals


*Use it for Self Empowerment

*Work on any lingering projects you have been putting on the back burner

*Applying for a new job

*Work on mirror magick to boost Self Confidence

*Do something that makes YOU feel good


Solar Plexus Energy can be used to help aid us in evolving into the highest version of self. 🙌🏾

If you are interested in diving deeper please Schedule your Intuitive Spiritual Reading for 30% Off, Reiki Healing Session or Consultation by visiting 🙏🏽

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