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Living in a state of peace is your divine birthright

Give yourself permission to find it! Corinthia Gabrielle


In the silence and stillness is where we create, manifest and birth a new. To heal and honor yourself intentionally doesn't mean to just lay around resting, but to identify what it is that you're healing from. Are we exhausted from over thinking? Have we been working too hard? Have we fragmented our energy by over giving? These are the times where your world comes to life. So when we identify what has depleted us or has taken us out of balance, we can then seek the remedy and that is a major key! In the quiet our inner guidance and wisdom is now ready to rise to the surface because we are now aligned with Source, The Universe, Our Higherself. Directions appear. Love appears. Self Confidence and Strength appears.


Rest can be seen as a form of meditation that brings us peace... Where you are, whats around you and your state of mind all plays a part in how you will feel once you rise. I find that playing sound frequencies adds another layer to the healing that is taking place. They help to further decompress the mind, relax our muscles, as well as align our chakras and work on the nervous system. While we rest and decompress we can actually reach another level of consciousness without doing anything but being in a state of allowance. The more relaxed we are, the less repair we need to the body and now our soul can download information or possibly go on an adventure! Freedom is available in the pause .


Peace is Bliss... Bliss is actually a frequency that can be accessed when you raise your vibration. Once you've tapped into your peace you now have access to a whole new world! It leads you right into a state of bliss. You wake up on cloud 9 and are confident in what the day will bring your way. Energy levels have risen charging up the body. Worry falls to the wayside and freedom is brought to the forefront. You find YOU! Manifestations are easy because now you have clarity and have risen above the noise. You vibrate on a frequency that will attract more into your life that will help you to sustain that bliss. The Universe submits to you. You also see the world through a different set of eyes. You can now trust what you feel and will start to process more through your intuition. Inspiration and joy follows you everywhere.


Peace also comes with boundaries... Boundaries are extremely important to holding your peace. Anyone or anything that is on a different vibration can come in and knock it all down with one single conversation if you aren't careful. Holding your peace comes with work, integration and innerstanding how you got there in the 1st place. It's seeing its value to you and doubling down on it. Get comfortable with saying ACCESS DENIED! Choosing to not respond to situations that seek to steal it from you. Get comfortable with guarding it as if your life depends on it. BECAUSE IT DOES! Peace is the holygrail of life, it's the precious and not everyone arrives there to receive it. Blissed and Abundant are you!

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