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Sacred Sacrifice

It is said Oshun hides money in the sand and I intend to find it!...

Have you heard the story of why Oshun is considered the Vulture? There was issue of starvation and famine on the Earth and the people needed help. No one would do anything but complain and remain in confusion so the beautiful Oshun decided to fly as her Peacock representation to speak with Olodumare in his palace towards the Sun.

The other Orisha and people of Earth laughed at her because they considered her vain and more concerned with her look. Smh. She was too pretty to do such a thing.

The closer she got to the Sun the more her beautiful feathers burned away. They were burned from her head and body, her wings became scraggly and black. When she arrived to the palace she was unrecognizable. She'd lost all her beauty. Through sheer will and determination she arrived at the gates of Olodumare’s palace. Struggling but alive to complete the mission.

Olodumare asked her what was so important why had she done such a thing. He asked Oshún why she had made such a perilous journey. She explained the state of Earth and went on to tell Olodumare that she had come at risk of her own life so that humanity might live.

He looked at the world and the sacrifice Oshun had made and he made it rain on Earth. Because of Oshuns love of humanity Olodumare made of the messenger of God.....

🦚Why do you feel that you deserve a throne next to the most high when you've made no sacrifices? Beautiful things of spirit when you walk in selfishness? Have you ever been the Vulture of sacrifice? What would you do to save humanity or even those closest to you? Or YOURSELF?

Only through sacrifice may we reach our highest potential and earn our crown. You have to go through something to receive everything! We must die to what we once knew to gain the keys of wisdom of the Universe.

Are you ready to die to the self youve once known?

📿🦚 Are you brave as Oshun?

~Corinthia Gabrielle

🦚📿When I left Vegas on my journey I was led to route 66 and YeYe Oshun the Vulture and Mama Sekmet came to greet me on a mural. I am grateful. I've been the Vulture now I may receive my crown 👑 🦚📿From the deserts in Famine to the land that is flourishing...I RISE. ❤️Aseoooo Yeye Oshun! I love you!

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